Introducing the world’s first caffeinated toothpaste. Power ToothpasteTM is a new kind of toothpaste. A toothpaste for people with big ideas. A toothpaste for dreamers (and deep sleepers). A toothpaste for people who wake up and want to change the world.

Power Toothpaste gives you a rush while you brushTM. We’ve shipped our first 2,000 pre-ordered tubes, and Power Toothpaste is now available to the public on

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About Us

We think of ourselves as a technology startup, but we don't write code or build apps. Our first product is Power Toothpaste, the world’s first toothpaste to contain caffeine. We treat toothpaste with the spirit of innovation seen much more commonly in Silicon Valley and far too rarely in the corporate behemoths of personal care. Toothpaste is a technology product that helps people clean and care for their teeth… but we believe a toothpaste can and should do more. And help you do more. With Power Toothpaste, you get a rush while you brush.

Compared to coffee, which takes up to an hour to fully absorb through the stomach, Power Toothpaste begins working immediately, absorbing through the gums and mouth, and providing a quick boost before you’re even finished brushing. This toothpaste will still leave your teeth clean and mouth fresh – just like a standard toothpaste.

Power Toothpaste was founded by Dan Meropol and Ian Nappier, two young entrepreneurs who became friends while attending Brown University, and who are now waking up the sleepy multibillion-dollar oral care industry. After learning from an ADA study that fewer than half of Americans brush twice per day, Dan set out to find a way to encourage people to take better care of their teeth. Dan spoke to his friend Ian about the problem he was trying to solve – and Ian suggested a caffeinated toothpaste.

The two founders decided to test the market to gauge interest in their idea. They immediately encountered overwhelming consumer demand, collecting over 30,000 email sign-ups in eight weeks. Ian and Dan launched a crowdfunding campaign for Power Toothpaste on Indiegogo and began accepting pre-orders, raising over $40,000.

After a year of research, development, formula refinement, a partnership with an FDA-compliant American manufacturer, and a drove of press coverage, the company has shipped over 2,000 pre-ordered tubes, and is finally available to the general public at

What's up with this toothpaste?

The Toothpaste

Power Toothpaste aims to be more than just a toothpaste. This is a toothpaste that not only cleans your teeth, but gives you the energy that you need to change the world.

This is the world's first caffeinated toothpaste. The core principles:

  • Mornings are the worst part of the day for many people.
  • Brushing is one of the first things people do in the morning.
  • Brushing with Power Toothpaste helps get your day going as soon as you wake up.
Unlike coffee, which takes 30-45 minutes to fully absorb into your system, Power Toothpaste starts taking effect almost immediately. You'll feel energized and alert before you’re even finished brushing.

Power Toothpaste became available for sale to the general public on on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016. For more details, see our press release below.

Product Details

Here are some more important details about Power Toothpaste.

  • Power Toothpaste is made in entirely in America, in FDA and CGMP-compliant facilities.
  • Power eliminates morning grogginess. Power kicks into gear immediately, blasting away morning fog in a manner of minutes.
  • Power doesn't deliver a megablast of caffeine, but provides a subtle buzz, increasing focus and alertness, all without a crash.
  • Regular coffee drinkers who use our toothpaste still enjoy their morning cup of coffee – the difference is they feel great as they are getting ready and don’t find themselves staring anxiously at a coffee machine, waiting for it to slowly finish brewing.
  • Power beats plaque and tartar buildup the same as the leading brands. Not to mention that Power whitens your teeth, compared to coffee which stains and darkens.
  • Power Toothpaste became available for sale to the general public on on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016.

Press Release

If you're interested in writing about us or just want to learn more, check out our press release by clicking here.

Below you'll find our social media information, assorted media assets which include high definition product photos, and contact information for Power Toothpaste. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions! We’re happy to ship you a complimentary tube of Power Toothpaste for you review, just ask via email.

Media Assets

Follow this link to our Flickr account, where you'll find high definition product photos of Power Toothpaste.

Power Toothpaste Flickr

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